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Learn to program


High School:

ICS2O - Grade 10 Computer Studies

ICS3U - Grade 11 Computer Science

ICS3C - Grade 11 Computer Programming

ICS4C - Grade 12 Computer Programming

ICS4U - Grade 12 Computer Science

College and University:

Computer Science, Programming, Java, Python, HTML, R, SAS, SPSS, STATA, C++, & More!

Computer Repair and IT Support:

Imagine a team of the youngest brightest computer science students and graduates in Ottawa. You've got the computer science team here at Ottawa Tutoring. We offer it all at a price that you can handle. Our Ottawa tutors are familiar with:

  • Apple products and operating systems

  • Windows products and operating systems

  • Wireless network installs

  • Printer installs

  • Media synchronization

  • Cloud service (personal and business)

  • Organizing your files on your computer and devices

At your home

We come to you! You pick the time!

Don’t ever worry about your technology issues. Our computer science tutors in Ottawa can help you with 99% of your computer problems from simple questions to security software, to coding - we're here to help.

Popular Requests:

  • DropBox issues

  • LastPass organization and entry - never forget a password

  • Printer issues

  • Synchronizing photos and music

  • Attaching pictures to messages

  • Updating computers and devices