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Top Tips For Students to Have The Best Holiday Break

With Christmas approaching and the holiday season in full effect, balancing your school workload, mental health and quality time with loved ones can make the most wonderful time of the year seem a little daunting! That's why we've outlined three helpful tips that can assist in keeping you cheerful, clever and stress-free this holiday season.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Some teachers choose to assign homework, projects and other tasks to do over the holiday break, while others like to allow their students time to recharge. However, recharging doesn't mean turning into a couch potato! If you find yourself worried about how you're spending your free time and want to remain productive even without the pressure of upcoming assignments, there are plenty of options for you! Some of these include reading books of your choosing, working through flashcards, playing brain games online such as Lumosity, practicing a new language using the app Duolingo, learning a new instrument, and the list goes on. There are so many fun and creative ways to keep your brain working over the holiday break that can allow you to discover new hobbies and interests while still remaining relaxed and stress-free.

Chat With Classmates

If your teacher has chosen to assign work over the holiday break, then a great stress reliever is to stay in touch with classmates and colleagues! Communicating with those who understand and are dealing with similar situations and tasks helps to keep you feeling in the loop and rhythm of school, up-to-date on any new updates from your teachers and professors, and can act as a point of accountability for any approaching deadlines. It is also incredibly helpful and reassuring to have another individual to discuss the work with if you have any questions or would like to bounce some ideas around, especially if your teacher is away from their emails during the holidays.

Take The Time

Life can be hectic and exhausting, which is why it's so important to remember that it's called a break for a reason! You've worked hard all year long and that's a great reason to celebrate.

It is absolutely essential to grant yourself some down time, unplug from your work and relish in a calm atmosphere in order to avoid burnout and ensure you can enter the new year refreshed and ready. In addition, the holiday season is often a time for connecting with loved ones and cherishing the quality time that can easily get overlooked when paired with a busy lifestyle. Making time for those we care about and consciously choosing to be present with them rather than being caught up in work or other distractions is a necessary part of human connection. Plan out your days in advance to guarantee a fair distribution of your time with loved ones as well as personal time to help optimize your break and allow it to be as revitalizing and restorative as possible.

Whether you're celebrating with loved ones or hard at work this holiday break, we hope everyone has wonderful time and we wish you all a very happy New Year!

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