Online Lesson Space

Ottawa Tutoring's one-on-one versatile collaborative space for online lessons!

Super User Friendly
No account required. Simply click on the link we send to connect with your tutor. Talk to them face-to-face over video and easily share screens as well as files. 


Multiplayer Learning Tools
Use three distinct tools to learn together in real time: shared whiteboards, documents, and code editor.

multiplayer (1).png

Import and Annotate Documents
Import a PDF or Office Document and automatically have a tab generated for each page. Work through and annotate documents together.

import (1).png

One Click Connect
Joining an online lesson should be as simple as using a pencil and a piece of paper. To join the lesson space, simply follow the link in your lesson reminder email. Your tutor can also share the link directly with you if you're having trouble. No installs or setup necessary!