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5 Tips for a Productive Tutoring Session

Hey everyone, I’m Ryan, the founder of Ottawa Tutoring. I wanted to share some of my best tips for a productive and engaging tutoring session to benefit both students and teachers. I hope you find them useful! Circle Questions to Review Between sessions you should ideally be completing the homework assigned by either your teacher or tutor. It’s a great idea to circle questions you have struggled with and bring them to your tutoring sessions. Your tutor can review them with you and explain any topics you are struggling with. They can also provide additional questions related to the topic you find difficult. Bring Your Notes and Textbook Be sure not to forget these, as they’ll make any tutoring session go more smoothly. Having your textbook allows you and your tutor to look up questions you find difficult and for your tutor to explain difficult topics with references to the course material. With your textbook you can ask the tutor to review questions you got stuck on and see where you took a wrong turn. The more material you bring for your tutor the more you’ll be able to cover during the allotted time. All Caught Up? Time to Get Ahead! Once you feel caught up, ask your tutor to teach you the next lesson, or provide additional questions to strengthen your understanding. It’s important to drill in difficult concepts through repetition and then add in additional steps to bring yourself up to the difficulty of the test questions. You’re the Boss​! To ensure the tutoring sessions are productive, don't hesitate to tell your tutor what you want to work on next. You know best what material you need to master to achieve success. We're here to help! Have Fun Learning shouldn’t seem difficult or boring. With the help of a tutor and a regular tutoring schedule students are able to learn difficult concepts and master difficult problems in less time. When you see results faster and start to gain a deeper understanding of the material it decreases frustration and provides an important confidence boost. Warning – you might even find you enjoy doing those questions!

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