Ottawa Tutoring helped me surpass my goal of an 85% in Grade 12 Chemistry. I needed the marks to get into University and I couldn't have done it without their help. Having the consistent, weekly tutoring was just what I needed to stay on top of my workload. Thanks so much!



My son and daughter have been getting tutoring from Ottawa Tutoring for 3 years now and we plan to continue all throughout high school! Not only is the tutoring extremely beneficial for their confidence, it has helped them develop study habits that they didn't have before. We have had several tutors for science, English, and math, and they all have been amazing!


Science, Math, English

I have tried to get into Nursing before, and in order to get in I had to pass the AC H pat exam at Algonquin. I wrote the exam the first time and did not pass. When I wanted to try the second time I looked for tutoring. Ottawa Tutoring selected Spencer for the English and essay writing & selected Benoit for the biology and math. Spencer was very helpful and understanding, he always tried to work with my schedule, and believed in me. Benoit was also very helpful and taught me a lot about biology and different ways to understand math problems. I am happy to say that I have passed the exam and I will be going into Nursing this September. Both Spencer and Benoit should be recognized, thank you so much for everything!


English, Essay Writing, Biology, Math

We feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Ottawa Tutoring for our daughter. We received the most amazing tutor with such a sunny and positive attitude! That combined with unfailing patience and a sense of humour is precisely the right combination for our family. During her sessions, our daughter feels much less frustrated about math and more open to learning. Our tutor has good instincts and is tuned-in to signs of frustration and provides a little break with some friendly banter before gently bringing things back to the task at hand. She is encouraging and kind-hearted and we are very thankful for all the support from this service.



Our daughter has successfully passed Grade 12 Advanced Functions and it would not have been possible without Ottawa Tutoring.  Our tutor was so wonderfully patient and knowledgeable about how to explain math in a way that made sense. A tough job, as math has always been a huge challenge for us! More importantly, she gave our daughter the confidence to believe in herself.



I started working with Ottawa Tutoring because I was looking for a math tutor for my daughter and they selected a great tutor for us! She is very knowledgeable in mathematics and with a passion to teach. She is patient and has very good teaching skills. I have been very lucky to have her as a tutor for my daughter. Thanks to her support, my daughter was able to succeed in her math studies and that is what's most important in order to appreciate it.



I want to thank Ottawa Tutoring for helping my son. In just a short period of time, he has more confidence in his work because it is more clear to him now. Children are afraid to ask questions and by having young students talk and help out they can relate to each other. I highly encourage you to give it a try if your son or daughter is falling behind in math. Thanks again.



Alex is very approachable and lets me work at my own pace. He is very friendly and understanding when I don't understand a concept well. I also like that he's knowledgeable in various subjects so I can get a wider range of help.



Karine was very approachable and patient. She has many tricks and tips to help solve multiple and complex problems.  She was very good at explaining how to solve problems and why we were using that method to solve it. She was able to personalise her tutoring to help find the best way for me to solve problems. I definitely would not have done as well in math without her help. Would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Karine!!



I have to say Robyn has a gift for teaching. We tried two other math tutors before meeting Robyn and we can’t say enough about her! Not only is she pleasant and accommodating she is thorough, patient, and motivating. My son increased his mark by almost 20% in grade 10 math.  Robyn is highly recommended!



Ottawa Tutoring helped my daughter succeed with her Grade 12 Functions course. It was very convenient to have a tutor come to house, and to be able to tailor the support to exactly what was needed for that week.



William saved me in advanced functions! He was patient and explained everything I was stuck on in depth. I worked through the review and asked him questions I was stuck on during our sessions. Thanks so much Will!



Ottawa Tutoring helped me grasp the concepts of Grade 12 Advanced Functions in preparation for university. My knowledgable tutor helped me find the easiest and best solutions to problems. He is very patient and explained anything that I didn't fully comprehend in different ways until I understood. The exam went great thanks to him! I would recommend this service to anyone who needs help with math!



I worked with Ryan who successfully helped me bring up my grade average for University Calculus. Great tutor, very patient, and always has confidence that you can solve even the hardest problems! Thank you for your help Ryan!



Ottawa Tutoring helped me pass my exam to become a fire fighter. I had to learn grade 10 and math, but I started at quite a low level. My tutor was so talented at showing me solutions to the many problems we worked on, in ways I could understand. I quickly picked up my math skills and was doing the word problems I had to practice with ease. I passed my exam thanks to him!


Fire Fighting Exam

Tamara is a great tutor and has helped strengthen concepts that I was less certain about through class alone. Her approachable and friendly nature allows the shyest of people to be comfortable asking her any questions. I would recommend her to anyone who thinks they need someone with a lot of patience to teach them!



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