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5 Tips for Creating a Dynamic Learning from Home Environment

Working and studying remotely is no longer a new concept for the vast majority of us. In fact, it has become the new normal! However, that’s not to say that it has come without its challenges. In order to help you succeed, we’ve come up with a few tips that you may find valuable during these unparalleled times as you begin the new school year.

Distance from Distractions

Being at home can be convenient because you are in close vicinity to most of the items you make use of on a daily basis, however, it can also allow distractions to become a more significant problem. These distractions could include a television, other people in the house, a cell phone, pets, other electronics, and more. While you’re working to accomplish a task, it could be beneficial to distance yourself from anything that may sway your attention from the job at hand. You could do this by working in a secluded room, turning off all non-work related electronics, informing others in the house that you require quiet time, and allowing yourself reasonable breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Take Breaks

A major benefit of working from home is the ability to move around and stretch, get water or a snack, answer personal messages, spend time with others who may also be in the house, or go for a walk whenever you need to. This is a healthy tactic that many telecommuters may overlook. Breaks allow you to momentarily clear your mind and tend to your personal needs so that you can perform optimally when you sit down to work again. Undoubtedly, self-discipline is a necessary skill when working from home as breaks may overstep the allotted time if you are not mindful. However, when done responsibly, they can be extremely beneficial and rewarding!

Have a Dedicated Work Space

Whether you’re working from home or doing online classes, having a dedicated space in your home where you can focus is extremely important. As comfortable as it may be, your bed may not be the ideal environment to fully commit yourself to a task.

Home offices are becoming increasingly popular and many find them helpful in creating a separation between work time and personal time. Understandably so, a home office may not be a feasible option

for everyone, and that’s okay! Utilizing your dining room table, coffee table, or even a dresser are other popular options for those without a home office. Sitting upright with a table to properly display your computer, books, and other work-related needs allows you to remain awake and alert while you complete your work and keeps your bed a stress-free zone. 

Schedule Your Day

Many students and others working from home may find it more difficult to stay organized and on top of all the tasks being assigned during this time. To stay on schedule, it can be helpful to utilize an online calendar or a reminders app that clearly outlines assignment deadlines to prevent you from forgetting any important due dates. Once all of your upcoming deadlines are highlighted, you can begin to plan out your days in accordance to their priority and time requirement. Segmenting your day into dedicated time slots for certain tasks can help you stay on track to ensure all of your responsibilities are given the adequate attention. 

Get Ready

Pyjamas and sweatpants are undeniably some of the comfiest clothes out there, however, many people find them a little too comfortable. This can become an issue if you find yourself having a hard time differentiating work time from relaxation. Getting yourself dressed and ready for the day ahead may be the extra step you need to solidify a productive work from home routine. 

We wish every the best of luck this school year and we are looking forward to working together to help you achieve all of your academic goals! If you are interested in staying on top of your workload from the very beginning this year, you can easily book tutoring sessions with us online.

We hope you give some of these tips a try and let us know how they work for you by contacting us on our social media pages via Instagram & Facebook!



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