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Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Tutoring

As staying home becomes increasingly necessary, more and more activities are required to adapt to a remote location. This includes tutoring! At Ottawa Tutoring, we have offered virtual lessons since the very beginning of COVID-19 which has given us ample time to become well acclimated to this adjustment. We have created an online atmosphere that is guaranteed to bring any student success! If you’ve ever considered tutoring but aren’t sure how it works virtually or how it can be beneficial from home, continue reading to have all of your questions answered! 

Virtual tutoring can be just as productive as in-person lessons and with added perks & conveniences! A few major benefits of online tutoring include: 

Learning From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Virtual tutoring allows you to work through your lessons in the comfort of your own home and from the workspace of your choosing. It also erases the need for allotted travel time or setting up a mutually convenient work environment for both the student and tutor. This allows all the focus to remain on the learning at hand rather than the incidental details which accompany in-person sessions.

Extensive Tutor Selection

We have a very wide range of tutors to choose from who are located all across the city of Ottawa. With online lessons, you have the opportunity to work with any of our highly qualified tutors, including the ones who may not live in your vicinity and wouldn’t be able to meet for in-person sessions. This benefits allows you to select any tutor of your liking for your perfect tutor match!

Review Sessions Anytime

With the utilization of The Lesson Space, you can revisit the virtual classroom at any time to review the notes that were made during the lesson. The notes taken do not disappear even after the tutor session has ended which allows for lasting clarification. This is perfect for when you're studying for an upcoming quiz, test, exam or working on a project!

For our virtual tutoring lessons, we have chosen to utilize The Lesson Space online teaching platform. We have selected this superior program for its numerous benefits which include easy access through usage of smartphones, tablets and computers, installation-free infrastructure and more. 

The Lesson Space offers:

Tons of Tools

Different subjects require different tools. With The Lesson Space, you can learn using video conference, audio chat, whiteboards, text chat, document editors, or even code! Whatever subject you’re learning, The Lesson Space has a tool best suited for you.

One Click Connection

The Lesson Space is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. There are no unnecessary tutorials or checks before joining and there’s no need for an account. Just click the link sent in your email and get right into the tutor session. It couldn’t be easier to get started with your lessons!

Document Importation

Import any PDF or Office document and automatically have a tab generated for each page. This allows you to work through and annotate documents with your tutor (which is perfect for working through homework, a set of notes or exam papers!)

Advanced Troubleshooting

No more “Can you hear me?” Advanced troubleshooting helps you quickly diagnose and fix any connection issues for both you and your tutor so your valuable time can be spent learning and working towards your academic goals. 

For more information regarding The Lesson Space, check out their FAQ page here

Online tutoring allows any student with a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet the opportunity to excel in any subject at their convenience. In correspondence with our in-person lessons, we offer tutoring for any subject at any level through virtual learning as well. 

To get started with virtual tutoring today, click here to book lessons online. 

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