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How To Create The Best Tutoring Schedule For You

Have you decided that you’re interested in starting tutoring lessons but you don’t know where to begin? Then this is for you! Building the perfect tutor schedule that fits into your busy life is one of the best ways to guarantee academic success rather than additional stress. We’ve highlighted the key factors to consider when first beginning your tutoring journey to ensure you will achieve all of your educational goals.

Determine What You Are Looking to Accomplish

When it comes to getting started with tutor lessons, the first step is to determine what you are interested in gaining from the sessions. Many students are looking for continuous academic support throughout their schooling journey and therefore, setting up recurring tutoring sessions to ensure they remain caught up with their work and comprehension for the entirety of the school year is the best option for them. While others decide they only require assistance with proofreading assignments and papers, additional study support for upcoming tests or exams, clarification on specific topics, and other short-term tutoring needs. You can choose between having one or multiple sessions a week and setting up a recurring schedule, or work through one session at a time and book lessons as you go.

Evaluate Your Free Time

School can take up a great majority of a student’s time and the additional demands of life such as working a job, doing co-op, volunteering, family time and more can leave a schedule looking pretty packed. The next step in getting started with your tutor lessons is establishing a session schedule that will work for your lifestyle. Our in-person and virtual lessons allow for great flexibility and we do our absolute best to accommodate all of our students’ timetables. Our wide range of tutors are available during weekdays and weekends, from mornings until nighttime. There is even the option to alternate between the days and times of your sessions if you choose to set up weekly recurring lessons!

Start Building Your Perfect Schedule

Now that you’ve decided on what you’re looking to gain from the tutoring sessions and what days and times work best for you, it’s time to put your plan into action! By clicking here, you can begin to book your lessons by setting up single or recurring lessons, select the tutor of your choosing, and start working towards achieving academic success.

We hope these 3 starter tips help you to kick-off your tutoring journey with solid aspirations in mind and assist you in building the schedule that is most ideal for your needs! If you have any questions regarding booking lessons, setting up recurring meetings, or any other concerns you may have, please feel free to email us at or call us at (613) 230-9675.

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