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Top Study Mistakes to Avoid

Processing information, memorizing new material and studying in general can be a challenging task even for the brightest of students. Unfortunately, many students make studying even more difficult than it needs to be with the choices they make surrounding this activity. What if instead you could make it as easy as possible by avoiding some of the most common mistakes students make while studying? Keep reading to learn all about these mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Note: If these mistakes sound a little too familiar or you catch yourself doing them while studying, remember that when it comes to learning, mistakes are absolutely essential. Mistakes are actually blessings in disguise because they teach us what doesn't work, encourages us to try out new methods and new ways of thinking, as well as promotes creativity and growth.

Not Studying According To Your Learning Style

Learning styles are often overlooked in the traditional schooling system, however, when studying on your own time, you have the freedom to study in the way that works best for you! You do not have to stick with one particular studying method just because that is what you’ve been taught or because it’s common amongst your peers. For instance, if your friends find that cue cards work great for them but you’ve never gotten your desired result from using them, don’t be afraid to switch things up! Whether you’re a visual learner, auditory learner or kinesthetic learner, there are multiple techniques and tricks that you can take advantage of that will not only help to keep your interest sparked, but will actually allow the information you are studying to process more effectively in your brain. Don’t know what your learning style is? Check out our previous blog post about the different learning styles, how you can determine which one you are, and the most helpful study tips that can be used for each style here.

Surrounding Yourself With Distractions

As amazing as technology has become, there is no denying how easily a television show, a social media app, or a video game can suck you in and in the blink of an eye, three hours have passed and the textbook in front of you is still on page 1. With online schooling being more common than ever before, it’s increasingly hard for students to fully separate themselves from technology while studying. However, there are steps you can take to avoid becoming engulfed by distractions. Begin by setting up in a quiet area where you will not be tempted to engage in non-study related conversation and only bring forms of technology with you that are necessary for studying. In most cases, that means leaving your cell phone behind and keeping the TV turned off. If using a laptop or desktop is necessary, you can install temporary webpage blockers that will prevent you from distracting websites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Not Preparing A Game Plan

Oftentimes when it comes to studying, there is an abundance of information that needs to be reviewed, practiced, memorized and understood all at once. This can be overwhelming when you sit down with all of your books and notes but have no structure or idea on how you will tackle all this information. Due to the overwhelming nature of this set up, putting off studying and procrastination become increasingly more likely. Even if you manage to finish your assignments on time or do well on your tests, this technique creates a high amount of stress and leaves you with little to no time to go over your work or double-check your answers. It’s a much better idea to dedicate some time before you begin studying to creating a game plan. For example, if you have a paper due at the end of the week, plan out your days in accordance to completing certain sections of the paper i.e., brainstorm your topic and create an outline on Monday, create a thesis and find your sources on Tuesday, write your introduction and first paragraph on Wednesday, and so on and so forth.

Refusing To Ask For Help

Everyone needs clarification at one point or another and there is absolutely no shame in seeking out the help you need.

One of the worst mistakes a student can make is choosing to ignore the academic resources they have available. These resources can include communicating with your teacher, connecting with a tutor, asking your study buddies, chatting with your family members, and the list goes on. Recognizing when you need help understanding a concept or clarity regarding a subject is an incredibly important part of achieving academic success.

Now that you know the most common study mistakes to avoid, click here to check out our previous blog post on some of the best study tips you can easily incorporate into your routine to make sure you are studying as efficiently as possible!

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